MD Worlds Sdn Bhd – Perodua (Samarahan, Kuching) was incorporated to be Kuching’s most competitive Perodua dealership in 2016. The company successfully secured the Perodua dealership as a result of proven track record of its pioneer company, M&D World of Cars Sdn Bhd.  In 2017, MD Worlds Sdn Bhd attained First Place in Sales for Perodua East Malaysia as well as being awarded the Perodua Top Achiever Award.

Due to the close association of the company with M & D World of Cars Sdn Bhd, the company is also considered a high profile company as it shares the same values with MD Worlds Sdn Bhd as both companies pride themselves for their credibility and reliability among the local business community.

The company has a showroom, which is strategically located in the highly populated nearby residential and commercial area of Samarahan.